Mid-March Progress Report

Well it looks like the worst of the rain is over and everything's mostly dried out again. The weather has delayed installation of the skillion roof panels over the rear deck but they should finally be going on next week. The electrical rewiring and plumbing are mostly done and now just awaiting the tilers and painters before final fit out.

The plasterers finished plastering the ceilings in both the new extension and downstairs this week. We opted for plasterboard (Gyprock) upstairs instead of a traditional VJ ceiling because we had a huge steel cranked beam poking through the ceiling and after much discussion this seemed to be the best way to hide it and get a nice clean join between the flat and raked parts of the ceiling in the living area. Downstairs we needed some fire and noise barrier between the floors, so we chose rock wool bulk insulation and a Gyprock Fyrchek ceiling.

The tilers are due in next week to tile the recently waterproofed bathrooms and laundry. The painters are due to start in about 2 weeks, so we'd better decide quickly on the final colour scheme! The kitchen is being built now and should be delivered towards the end of March along with the appliances.

While all this is happening there seem to be quite a few guys on site at the moment, adding the final details to the job, i.e. arches, balustrades, cornices, architraves, skirting, picture rails etc. We're really happy with the attention to detail that is evident in the work. Usually we'll spot something that looks like it might be a potential issue or "wart" but before we've had a chance to even ask about it, the builders have often come up with an elegant solution.

The evacuated tube solar hot water collector has been mounted on the roof, but not yet connected to the tank as the painters will need to get behind it to paint the weatherboards.

Lastly, the 20kL and 8kL stainless steel rainwater tanks arrived yesterday. The big one was squeezed into place under the back deck with only 1cm either side to spare ... whew! The smaller one will service the front garden and is to sit behind the front stairs under the front verandah. We chose stainless steel because it'll last much longer than the other options and you can actually get good money from recyclers for stainless steel at the end of a tank's useful life.


Sounds like you have great

Sounds like you have great builders, making life alot easier for you :)

Mid-March Progress Report

Wow! Apart from the weather, it sounds like you're having a dream run with the building process. Your update photos are great too. Cheers Anita