February Progress Report

The place is now starting to look like a real home again. Despite the recent heavy rain the builders have been working hard between downpours to get the roof and weatherboard cladding on. The exterior of the house is almost complete, barring the varandah balustrades, garage door, skillion roof over the rear deck and front stairs. All the windows and doors are in and look fantastic. The new plumbing has gone in and the house completely rewired.

We had the framing inspection last week and she passed with flying colours. Now the builders can get in and clad the new interior. After much discussion we decided to go with real hoop pine VJs for the interior cladding rather than fake MDF VJ panels. We really don't want any MDF in the house at all, and the builders also don't like working with it as cutting fills the air with a very fine powder that gets into everything. The real VJs cost about double what the MDF panels do in terms of both materials and labour, but we think they're worth it. We justified the extra expense in part because some of the other aspects of the build came in way under the quoted estimate.

Next week the evacuated tube solar hot water system will be installed on the rear roof and electricity will be reconnected to the house.