Murphy's Law Weather

Queensland, and much of Australia, have been in severe drought for the better part of a decade, but of course our renovation happened to coincide with the breaking of that drought. Australia, the "land of droughts and flooding rains" - there rarely seems to be a happy medium here. We've had the wettest summer in years and many parts of South-East Queensland have been flooded. Thankfully we escaped the worst of the deluge but the rain still hampered our build at critical times.

Just getting out of the ground was a bit of a nightmare for the builders. Every time they dug the trenches for the footings, it would pour down, the trenches fill with water and then collapse. More recently we had flooding rains just as the roof was about to go on. For a week the house needed to be covered in a gigantic tarpaulin to protect the newly installed and rather delicate windows and doors. But when the rain's as heavy as it has been, nothing can prevent water incursion. Everything got wet, and stayed wet for a while.

It's not all bad though. The heavy rain has highlighted areas where we need to add more drainage to the yard to carry away excess water. With the old house we didn't have much of an issue with water as the slope of the land was unhindered and the water could spread across and soak into the whole block. Now, the concrete slab basically creates a dam that traps overland flow in a pocket next to the front rainwater tank. By adding a retaining wall and new drain we've been assured this won't be a problem in future.