Surveying Swindle

Forgive the attention-grabbing headline. "Swindle" is a tad strong. It's just that by my count we've had surveyors out onsite four times so far throughout this process:

  1. Initial site survey - required in order to map out the topography of the site and accurately locate existing structures, prior to having plans drawn up.
  2. Site identification survey ("pegging out") - this is where they identify the site boundaries and mark the corners with pegs prior to construction commencing.
  3. A premature site visit to confirm the raised height of the house (they arrived before the house had actually been raised, and did take some measurements for some unknown reason).
  4. The actual visit to confirm the height of the house was under the 8.5 meter limit set by council.

I found out later that 1 & 2 can be done together (and therefore more cost effectively) but few people opt to do it this way because they don't want to incur the expense of a site identification survey until they know their plans have passed building approval. It might have been nice to have been told and given the option at least.

It seems like a whole lot of unnecessary and costly repitition to me, when two site visits (1 & 4) would have sufficed ...


I know what you mean about

I know what you mean about surveyors. I have paid them way too much over the years. I'm looking for a new town planner too ... have you or any readers had any experience with Town Planners Brisbane? Just want ot get a new positive reviews before I part with my hard earned :)