Funny Facts About Fans

Given that we've changed the layout of the house to catch the prevailing breezes, we were planning on doing without air conditioning alltogether. We figure that with this greatly improved cross-ventilation and the addition of a cool roof, reflective foil and some bulk insulation, ceiling fans in most rooms should be adequate to keep us comfortable.

Overengineered Slab

Far from being low in embodied energy it seems our slab is overengineered and most likely uses more concrete and steel than we bargained for.

Our slab engineers seem to have gone overboard and added a lot more in the way of steel-reinforced concrete footings than was absolutely necessary, but not being a structural engineer myself or knowing a thing about soil profiles and the like, I am hardly one to make such a judgement. However, our builders had certainly never seen anything like it in a building of this type, and this is what council approved so this is what gets built.

Surveying Swindle

Forgive the attention-grabbing headline. "Swindle" is a tad strong. It's just that by my count we've had surveyors out onsite four times so far throughout this process:

Bring Your Gumboots

Not much visible progress today. A shipping container is now in the yard to operate as a site office for the builders and they've also welded on some temporary steel cross-bracing to make the precarious looking structure more stable.

I'll have to remember to wear more appropriate footwear on site in future as the combination of heavy clay soil, recent heavy rain and construction work results in pristine white sneakers caked in hard to dislodge, thick, sticky mud ...

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